Difficult weekend for Richard Verschoor on Silverstone

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The third round of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 series on the famous Silverstone Circuit didn’t bring the result Richard Verschoor was aiming for. During both qualifications the Josef Maufmann Racing Driver went out at the wrong time which made him start in the races from midfield. In the first race the KNAF Talent First Driver was able to win a couple of places to finish in ninth place. In the second race he finished in eleventh place.
“It was a difficult weekend. Not only the qualification didn’t go as planned we also seem to lack on topspeed which made it impossible to attack on the long straights. Overtaking is so hard on Silverstone,” a disappointed Richard Verschoor tells after the race.

Silverstone was host for the third round of the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 series and it was another fast circuit on the calendar after Monza a few weeks ago.
Verschoor was on the pace during the free practice and was able to drive to an eight position overall. The 17-year old driver had good hopes he would be able to drive a good qualification based on his results in the free practice. But a seventh place in his session threw him back to the thirteenth position on the starting grid, a huge disappointment for Richard Verschoor. Verschoor had a great start and a very solid first lap and was able to climb to ninth position. After a restart behind the safetycar Verschoor had to defend his position which made him loose connection with the drivers in front of him. Once released from the competitors behind him he was able to close the gap but in the end he was half a second short of finishing in eighth position.

Right at the moment Verschoor started his fast lap for the second qualification run the qualification was temporarily stopped with a red flag. With three minuted qualification time remaining the light went on green again but Verschoor had only time for one fast lap. Verschoor, second last at that time, went for it and finished sixth in his session which was enough for the eleventh position overall on the starting grid. Again he started great, had a good first lap and climbed to ninth position overall. In the beginning of the race he managed to fight for places six to eigth but eventually he had to defend his own position. A few laps he defended his ninth position succesfully but a right before the end of the race he and his pursuer went off track and he lost two places which made him finish eleventh overall.

“Both qualifications went bad. We went out too early in the first qualification session. I was second untill the last laps. At that moment my tires were worn and the other competitors were able to drive some fast laps. They were faster than me and I fell back to seventh in my session. In the second session we waited long. Right at the moment I went out there was a code red which seemed to end my possibility on a good qualification lap. In the end there was just enough time to drive one fast lap. Although my tires weren’t warm enough I fought for it and could win some places. It is almost impossible to overtake on Silverstone. That, combined with the fact we just seem to miss some topspeed, made this a weekend to forget very fast. I loose about 0.3 of a second per lap which causes me only to defend my position against drivers with a higher topspeed and I do not get the chance to attack. That’s very frustrating, for me and the team. They have done everything to find the cause of the problems I have. The only thing left is the engine. The next race is in Monaco. Topspeed isn’t important there but at the two races after that I do need a very high top speed,” Richard Verschoor ended after the race.

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