• Name driver: Richard Verschoor
  • Date of birth: 16-12- 2000
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • City: Benschop



Hi, I am Richard Verschoor, 17 years old and I currently live in Benschop (The Netherlands).
Discipline: Racing in the GP3.
Favorite food: Penne Carbonara.
What music I listen to: Before the race mostly R&B, in my spare time I listen a lot of different music types.
Most important people: My parents.
Best moment in my career: CIK FIA Academy World Champion in 2014.
My strongest point: Im able to drive very consistent lap times for a long time during a race. 

I started karting when I was 9 years old. My father and I wanted to spend more time together, as he was at work most of the time, and came home at the time when I was already sleeping, and was off to work again when I got up. We saw each other barely.

We started on the lowest kartcategory possible. It went well quite quickly so we were able to go to next levels quickly. I mainly drove national championships until the beginning of 2014. I raced my first race at European level. After a very good year with a lot of good races, we also claimed the CIK FIA Academy World Champion title (supported by our ASN, KNAF) I flowed from the juniors category to the highest, the at the time still known as KFcategory. As a Rookie driver in a Rookie team. This was a big challenge, against all the factorys teams and paid factorys drivers. In the end, we had an extremely learn full and successful season with a 3rd place in the European Championship, a 6th place at the World Championship and we won the Deutsche Kart Meister title.

After my experience in karting I was able to move a big step up towards the Formula 4 in 2016, especially thanks to the KNAF Talent First Program. I drove a double Championship, the F4 NEZChampionship and the Spanish F4 Championship. After my 1st race in Formula 4, I joined the Red Bull Junior program, this was a dream for me and the chance to gain a lot of experience. We won both Championships which made it possible to step up to the Formula Renault 2.0 with MP Motorsport in 2017.

Also we got the change to go and compete in New Zealand for a winter Championship. After a decent season in Formula Renault, Im now ready to battle for the Championship with Josef Kaufmann Racing in 2018, again in Formula Renault. When we did the Toyota Racing Series in 2017, we already had a very good season, we were in the lead for more than 70% of the Championship. Unfortunately in the end we had to settle for 3rd place.

This year Ive been in New Zealand once again to participate in the Toyota Racing Series. Unfortunately, we had a retirement in the first weekend due to a technical problem. Even though to come back to fight for the championship looked to be impossible, we still came very close! After 12 out of 15 races on the podium, the most victories, fastest laps and pole positons. We just missed out on 5 points to claim the title! By the fact that we had a retirement we were more than satisfied.

Recently I switched from Josef Kaufmann Racing to my old team MP Motorsport and from Formula Renault to GP3 !

“Work until your idols become your rivals”